Helping Young Mothers Stop the Cycle of Abuse.

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Your generous donations will help us continue to purchase baby supplies, hygiene items, provide support services, and different educational training to help young mothers become self-sufficient. When funding becomes available we would like to offer scholarships to our young  mothers who would like to return to school. Scholarships can be used to pay for classes, childcare, transportation and supplies.

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Ms. Houston's Caring Hands Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our goal is to help with the healing process and teach the young women how to FLY.


  • Changing your mindset
  • Letting go of the past
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Speak positivity in your life
  • Add prayer to your life
  • Except the things you cannot change
  • Understand we all make mistakes (Learn from them)


About Us

Ms. Houston's Caring Hands Inc. is a mentoring program that helps young mothers find a healing solution to pass trauma to break the cycle of abuse.

  • Our program consist of one-one mentoring for pregnant and parenting young mothers. 

  • Young mothers are matched with caring, supportive adult mentors  who had same or similar experiences from their past.

  • These mentors are knowledgeable of situations and circumstances they may face today.

About The Founder

As a child raised in the system I became a mom at 15, I came from a abusive home, with parents that abused drugs/alcohol, I've experienced feeling abandon, alone, scared, confused, depressed and suicidal.  

 I am inspired to help other young mothers who are or has experienced these traumas.

It has been a honor for me to create this organization to share my experience.

Our Team

Annette Houston



Valencia Koger



Shaquana Clark


Treasurer/ Secretary 



Our mission is to support, empower, and mentor young mothers to overcome the trauma of childhood abuse in order to be the parents their children deserve.



Leonorea Brown

  At a time when I was struggling, Annette went above and beyond to be a blessing to me. If it had not been for her on more than one occasion.... I don’t know what I would have done. My daughter was well taken care of treated as if she was natural family. Annette made sure my baby went to school, Dr appointments, and special activities. Thanks to Annette my daughter was introduced to things and places  that I was not able to give to my child at the time. Even after I got on my feet she still keeps frequent contact wit my baby. She is still treated as family. If I ever need any help, or if my daughter was to ever call. I know Annette would be there if needed. Coming from a broken home, a troubled upbringing... Annette helped show me how to remain positive. To keep fighting. Never give up. My daughter gained a mentor, a role model, a support system, an extended family. And everyone knows how much Nani loves Her Nana!!!


Dominique Houston

Annette Houston was and still is a dedicated mentor I grew up in DCFS and it was never a time where I spoke to Ms. Houston and didn’t get encouraging words. She visited me in group homes always made sure I had somebody when I was in doubt and felt I had nobody. She push me to graduate from high school so that I can say I accomplish something in life. I learn so much from this lady I now have a 8 year old daughter living in my own apartment and also working a real 9/5 . I have came very far mentally, emotionally, and physical and I have to thank Ms.Houston she definitely played a major part.


Candace Harris

 Annette Houston was someone that I always looked up to since I was 14 years old. Now at the age of 35 she reminds me of the woman that I want to be. Now 21 years later after meeting her I still think about and learn from her struggles as a teen. Her being my mentor and my other mother I was able to be strong independent mature at a young age and able to get through any struggle. When I was a new mom and homeless she accepted me into her home I still chose to go to a homeless shelter to not depend on her but it made me feel good that she was accepting and showing me that she would always be there for me even though we lose contact sometimes. Now she is trying to help young teen mothers everywhere.  When I was at the age of 22 I had my first child and she still helped me. I know what she can do for young teen mothers. I just hope they learn and benefit from it like I did as a young adult.

Young Moms Mentorship Program

Our program will assist moms with,

Increasing parenting skills, social skills, independent living skills, and pregnancy prevention as well as awareness of physical, chemical and mental health.


Participants must be pregnant or parenting mothers ages 12-26, who have the desire to develop their parenting and Independent living skills. Youth Currently on probation, living in out -of-home placement, or are part of family systems involved with child protection or probation are  also eligible.


This program is voluntary but a minimum of one year commitment is requested.

Quarterly Workshops

Once per quarter the mentors and mentees will attend a workshop that involves goal setting, arts and crafts, recreation and learning from a community speaker or staff about a life skill or parenting topics chosen by the mentees.

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